The DecoCoat Promise

Decocoat Coating Systems provide sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions every time for your asphalt and concrete surfaces, as well as, soil stabilization products.

Why You Should Use Decocoat

You – your facility – your project gets an advantage with our passion for quality and our experience in the field.

Quality Experience

The pure quality of our seamless coatings gives peace of mind and long term results to any project regardless of how simple or how complex.

Product Integrity

Our products are engineered to deliver long term protective solutions that withstand exposure to traffic and the environment your surface endures.

Substrate Management

Every type of surface presents unique challenges. Substrate management is the heart and backbone of all successful DecoCoat Polymer Systems.

Design Consultation

With 25 years’ experience in design consultation for residential, commercial, and municipal projects, we work closely with your team to design a custom solution for your project.