DP 250

DP250 is a two component advanced waterborne epoxy modified acrylic coating specifically designed for application on textured (stamped) or non- textured (flat) asphalt pavements. It can be combined with colorants to offer a wide range aesthetic appearances. In addition, it can be combined with our Solar Reflective colorants to produce cool pavement surfaces for compliance
with LEED specifications for urban heat island mitigation and to provide more comfortable environments. DP250 meets EPA requirements for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and creates no unpleasant odors during or after installation.

DP250 has friction properties suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular applications. One of its most important characteristics is that, unlike normal waterborne coatings, it is designed to maintain durability even when wet. Its flexibility, adhesion and elongation allow for the expansion and contraction that is a characteristic of asphalt (flexible) pavements without cracking. DP250 extends asphalt life by providing protection from the harmful effects of oxidation due to UV exposure and


DP-250 Product Sheet
DP-250 Color Card